Brand Profile

Founded in November 2005, Zari has established itself as one of the leading players in Women's Ethnic wear nationwide. The brand is synonymous with originality and exquisiteness, offering a wide range of full trousseau collections, including designer Lehenga, Suits, Sarees, Gowns, and Indo-Western outfits.

Zari boasts a strong presence in both online and offline retail, with locations in Indore, Raipur, Udaipur, and Bilaspur. The flagship store is located in Jaipur. With 6 retail stores, wholesale across 80 cities and 5L+ buyers, a huge manufacturing unit, Zari provides direct or indirect employment to more than 2000 people.

Specializing in Bridal wear, Zari is renowned for its intricate hand embroideries that adorn not just weddings, but also subsequent ceremonies. Zari captures the elegance of India’s vibrant culture, regal legacy and the skillful details in unique craftsmanship. Delicately trimmed and embellished beautifully, the weaves are feminine and fluid, owing to fabrics that drape sensually. The entire collections revel in the finest techniques of Indian textile and craft tradition to create ensembles that transcend time and age.

Rooted in traditions, yet woven around contemporary factors of comfort and convenience that can be experienced in the wide range of designer sarees, suits, lehengas, co-ord sets, fabric sets, kurtis and much more on the display. Handwork zardosi, gota patti work, minute zari work, beads, sequins, shimmering prints, opulent styles, elegant drapes and every other unimaginable element are showcased.



The first step is dyeing, which sets the foundation for the overall appearance of the garments. At ZARI, a strong emphasis is placed on color, considering it as a pivotal element. The choice of dyeing method largely depends on the desired color palette and the type of fabric being used.


This is a crucial step where skilled tailors take over. They use cutting-edge sewing machines and techniques to bring the designs to life. Precise measurements and attention to detail are vital to ensure that each piece aligns with the approved designs. This phase demands a seamless coordination of skill and precision to transform the fabric into a tangible garment.


With the stitching done, the garments enter the quality control phase. A stringent quality checking team meticulously inspects each garment for any defects, inconsistencies, or imperfections. Once the garments pass the quality checks, the finishing touches are added. This could involve final adjustments to the fit, ironing to ensure a smooth appearance, and adding any last-minute details that enhance the overall aesthetic.


After passing through the quality control and finishing steps, the garments are ready for packaging. They are carefully folded, tagged with size labels and care instructions, and placed in appropriate packaging to protect them during transportation. Once packaged, the garments are ready for distribution to retail stores, online platforms, or directly to customers.