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43 products

Its Time for Art of Hands - Handloom Sarees

Handloom simply means woven by hands on a wooden loom. Handloom sarees are soft in texture, more resilient, and drape well. Artisans work arduously to weave minute details. The level of intricacy and sharpness of the design of handloom sarees cannot be matched. There are different styles of Handloom sarees in different regions across the country, and sometimes in the same region, there could be a wide range of varied styles.

History of Handloom

In ancient times, people were using Charkha for spinning cotton to convert it into the fabric. There was a separate community in almost every village in India for the weavers who produce Handspun and handwoven fabric by using small instruments like Charkhas. Many things get upside down after the British rule in India. 

At that time, India was the only exporter of raw cotton. The machine-made yarn was introduced by the British officials and weavers were forced to stop their production, which made them unemployed for almost years. Due to the disputes created by the middlemen, the handloom industry suffered badly. It gave a great kick start to machines and the power loom and the handloom sector completely vanished.

The quality of cloth increases with the handweaving process and when it comes to Handloom sarees the quality depends on the process.

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