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22 products

Chanderi - Your Everyday Attire

Every Lady must have Chanderi Sarees in their closets as they are traditional and nowadays tradition is at its peak in popularity. Chanderi silk is named at the name of the small town in Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi. In accordance with the history and old stories, Shishupala cousin of Lord Krishna established this material. Its quality itself makes this fabric worth owning. This imperial fabric makes you stand out from the crowd on your special occasions.

Fine-textured silk and cotton decorated with zari woven work is the specialty of Chanderi fabric. This is the only reason why it is among the famous handloom clusters. This place (Chanderi) produces Chanderi Cotton, Pure Silk, and Silk Cotton. 

This fabric is created by weaving golden zari and silk in the cotton yarn which makes its texture shimmery or shine. It is famous for its transparency, its amazing designs and patterns, and its fine appearance. Motifs on Chanderi are basically handwoven on the handloom with needles. 

We have a wide range of Chanderi sarees to revamp your Chanderi ensemble with different hues of joy!! A few of them are:

Leheriya - Made with traditional tie-dye techniques in Rajasthan, Leheriya Sarees are unique and preferable to many women in India. Feel the rhythm of the monsoon season in our latest Leheriya collection. 

Printed - Happy prints on the delicate fabric like Chanderi makes a deadly combination for you all. For the women, who love to wear mesmerizing prints, no matter what the season, occasion, or color is, then this saree collection is only for you!!

These prints are available in different forms such as: 

  • Dabu Print - Dabu is a print that is a mud resisting type of hand block printing with the combination of highly skilled labor and beautiful motifs. Here artisans tend to work in order to produce classic and authentic Dabu prints
  • Digital Print - With the emerging technology, saree printing is also shifted towards digital one, where digital prints on Sarees are the latest vogue. Many women prefer digital printed sarees, which look surreal and modern when you choose to go out on a shiny day

Chanderi sarees carry an unmatchable charm and elegance making them perfect attire for all occasions be it a client meeting or a festival. Shop from our charismatic catalog of Chanderi sarees and amp up your wardrobe, your cart at is waiting for you!!

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