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Leheriya Saree: The Treasure of Rajasthani Vogue

Leheriya Saree is traditional attire in Indian wear, which is adorned for several years. The origin of these amazing striped saree is Rajasthan. During the season of Saawan, print is popular among women in India. The word Leheriya came from the word “Leher” which means a wave, and it is an admired vogue among Indian women.

The amazing waves on the Leheriya saree make it an astonishing choice. When it comes to recognizing the Leheriya Saree, just notice the zig-zag pattern on a multi-designer draping cloth. The designs on a Leheriya Saree are a unique blend of comfort and serenity, which is perfect for festive celebrations. 

Astounding Fabrics for Elegant Leheriya Saree

Leheriya Print Saree is made with different processes that finalize the most alluring outcome. The process by which Leheriya sarees are prepared is known as Resist-dyeing. This process is not simple, where the artisans of traditional India dye every alternate part of the cloth to take out the most adorable Leheriya Saree designs that magnify your glance. 

Different types of fabric are used while dyeing Leheriya Sarees. The fabric of every saree is super awesome, which maintains the ethnicity of India and maintains the comfort of your body. 

The most used fabrics for Leheriya print saree are: 

  • Leheriya Chiffon Saree: The chiffon fabric is a comfortable fabric, which makes you shine on every occasion with your bright attractive Leheriya print Saree. The lightweight chiffon adds the royal touch for the beautiful babes out there. 
  • Leheriya Tussar Saree: Tussar silk is the mark of dignity, which is also known as Bhagalpur silk. The fabric is blended with the traditional Rajasthani print and gives an amazing outcome named Tussar Leheriya Saree.
  • Organza Saree With Leheriya: The other silk fabric, which enhances your styling when blended with an aristocratic wavy print. Leheriya Saree for women with organza fabric looks amazing when you put it on. 

Styling Options For Leheriya Saree

Wearing a Leheriya Saree is not just about the patterns. It is the mark of the dignity of Royal Rajasthan, where you need proper accessories when you want to look elegant in traditional attire. 

  • Drape a Leheriya saree with traditional jewelry and blouse that compiles properly to each shade. It will look amazing when you use golden earrings and a lightweight golden necklace. 
  • You can go with oxidized jewelry to compile a light color Leheriya saree. 

Zari Jaipur: A One Stop Solution for Charming Leheriya Saree

When it comes to buying Leheriya Saree online, Zari Jaipur has an extensive range of Royal Leheriya Saree, which are part of ethnic Rajasthan. When you want to have a shiny appearance during summer and spring, the Leheriya Saree collection of Zari Jaipur gives you immense pleasure in wearing women’s ethnic wear.

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