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74 products

Bandhej Sarees: An Incarnation of Splendour Vogue

Which dress in your attire is something, which makes the wardrobe a complete one? Surely a luxurious Saree, which is an evergreen fashion, and every lady wants to adorn it. No matter what occasion is, Bandhej Sarees are quite popular outfits, which are passed from one generation to another. 

The art of ancient Rajasthan is in its vogue, which every woman loves to wear when it comes to having an ethereal elegance on their body. What makes these astounding drapes irresistible for women out there? It’s the unique designs on the fabric, and the undeniable beauty, which make a woman indulge a surreal glance. 

Nowadays, online Bandhej Sarees are easy to buy for women, where Zari Jaipur’s ultimate collection is ready to sparkle your personality. We have added surreal Bandhani Sarees for women in our latest collection looking for comfortable garb with luxury designs. 

The Legacy Of Bandhani Sarees

India is the land of different cultures, and Saree draping is common in every state. There is a holy space for Bandhani Sarees in Gujarat and Rajasthan, where women believe it as a good luck charm. Rajasthani Bandhej Sarees are also famous in the entire world, where to-be brides or new-moms prefer to wear this surreal print on a special celebration.

The origin of Bandhani Sarees is meant to be Gujarat, where the people of the Khatri community have started this tye-die method of printing to give out an elegant Bandhej Saree. From Gujarat to Rajasthan, and then the rest of the world, Bandhani Sarees became popular among different cultures, where women take it as their primary garb when it comes to celebrations. 

Different Types of Bandhej Sarees

With the emerging trend, Bandhej Sarees became more fascinating with elegant work on each drape. Whether it is Gota Patti, Mirror, or Sequins, different works give a different glance to the saree and make the wearer an epitome of luxury and the latest fashion. 

  • Gota Patti Bandhej Sarees: Bandhej Sarees are not just famous for their unique tye-die methods, but some works make them more sophisticated and luxurious. Gota Patti’s work on a Bandhej Saree looks surreal and luxurious, enhancing the beauty of the wearer when they choose compatible accessories with it. 
  • Zardozi Work Bandhej Sarees: Zardozi Work Sarees are popular among women and to be brides. The astonishing designs due to Zardozi’s work look stunning and lavishing on every Bandhani Sarees

Where to Buy the Best Bandhej Sarees Online?

Rajasthani Bandhej sarees have been in trend for the past few years, and it became the paragon of elegance on different occasions. Women from different regions prefer a Bandhani Saree and drape it in different sophisticated styles.

Zari Jaipur is a platform, where you can buy amazing Bandhej Sarees online, and add qualitative garb to your wardrobe. The quirky designs and work makes these Bandhej Sarees the best garb for ethnic celebrations and gives a new glance to the wearer.