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Upgrade Your Traditional Attire with Trailblazing Sarees 

What makes an Indian woman an Indian? Her love for the tradition is the first identification of every woman from India.  Saree is a traditional outfit in India, which has been adorned for centuries as a primary garb in Indian culture. There are different types of Sarees in India that differ from state to state. A saree is the most elegant and surreal ethnic ensemble and we know that every woman out there will agree to it! The way draping a saree makes you feel is ethereal. 

The comfort of Sarees in India has different choices, from which women prefer Leheriya Saree, Bandhej Saree, Organza Saree, Banarasi Saree, Banarasi Silk Saree, and different others, which are the blend of comfort and elegance to enhance their appearance. Zari Jaipur is among those Saree designers, who try different things to give a fantastic output in traditional sarees in India. From weaving to the final touch, the expert artisans from Zari Jaipur put their dedication into an exciting outcome. 

Types of Saree Name 

Zari Jaipur contains ample designs on traditional and modern Sarees, where you can add a comfortable staple to your wardrobe. There are different types of Sarees in India, which enhance the glance of a woman with a touch of comfort.

  • Banarasi Saree: Banaras fabric is among those classic fabrics in India, which was decorated by the royal families only. Now it is accessible to buy a Banarasi Saree online, which allows you to gleam independently. 
  • Bandhej Saree: The elegance of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Bandhej Sarees are also known as Bandhani Saree, which represents the royalty of Rajasthan. With the elegant designs on the traditional sarees, these Sarees are the amazing ones, which enhances the glimpse of a woman. 
  • Leheriya Saree: The oceanic waves can be on your body with the amazing colors of Leheriya saree from Zari Jaipur. Feel the comfort of the hand-blended fabric and glitter in every season wearing a Leheriya Saree. 

Top Fabrics of Sarees in India

You can buy Sarees made of any fabric, but it needs to be the best quality fibre if you want a glamorous look according to the latest fashion trends. Different fabrics show different styles in Sarees, from where you can choose it as per your comfort. 

  • Cotton Sarees: Cotton is the invention of Indian soil, from the Indus valley, which is the most comfortable fabric for apparel. When you choose a cotton outfit, it reflects your beauty and gives you a comfortable appearance. 
  • Silk Sarees: One of the aristocratic fabrics, which was previously affordable for rich families only. Nowadays, it is accessible in different forms adding extra comfort & elegance to your beauty. 
  • Georgette Sarees: The trendy fabric for saree, which is comfortable and elegant when you put it on your body curves. Georgette fabric is lightweight, and classy, which enhances the beauty of a woman, and adds an additional touch of kingship to your personality. 

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