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126 products

Leheriya Suit: An Epitome of Rajasthani Vogue

When it comes to being in the ethnic touch in the latest era, Leheriya suits can be the best fashion attire that narrates the tale of Rajasthani prints. The craft of Leheriya has been ubiquitous in women’s wardrobes for centuries now. Leheriya is created through tie & dye and the textiles enhanced with this craft are distinguished by the natural, ripple effect created in vibrant colors. 

To enjoy your glance at the ethnicity, different Leheriya suit designs are available for the users. All you need is to understand the Leheriya print suit and its modern styling to gleam the surrounding with ethnicity. 

What is Leheriya Print Suit?

The epitome of sophistication, Leheriya prints are the most adorable designs in ethnic wear attire, which you can adore to enhance your glamour. Leheriya prints are an example of the ancient art of tie & dye technique to give a new life to the cloth. 

The prints are popular among Indian women which gives them a reason to gleam a shiny day with the amazing Leheriya prints. 

Different Types Of Fabrics for Leheriya Suits 

  • Leheriya Georgette Suits: Georgette is a perfect weightless fabric for amazing Leheriya suit design, which maintains the comfort of the wearer, and improves the looks of the wearer. 
  • Tussar Leheriya Suit: Tussar Silk is the mark of aristocracy, which is popularly known as Bhagalpur Silk. The soft-touch of this elegant outfit is blended with the ancient Rajasthani print art to give you the best Leheriya Tussar Suit
  • Leheriya Chanderi Suit: The blend of Chanderi silk with the sophisticated Leheriya prints takes out the elegant Chanderi Salwar Kameez.

Where To Buy Leheriya Suit Online?

If you are looking to buy Leheriya suits in Jaipur, you should consider Zari Jaipur as your search end, where you will find ample Leheriya suit sets. The fabric of ethnic Rajasthan never fails to impress the wearer with its astonishing glance. 

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