Worried about last minute shopping for friend’s wedding? Amazing ways to spend your money

Worried about last minute shopping for friend’s wedding? Amazing ways to spend your money

Worried about last minute shopping for friend’s wedding? Amazing ways to spend your money

It is estimated that the Indian marriage industry is 1 lakh crore worth Rs1 and grows at more than 20% annually. Most Indians tend to have a big, fat marriage, but not everyone can afford it. More and more have already begun to explore, particularly the younger generation, the idea of a little, clever wedding


It is crucial that you know your budget, at least an estimation, if not the exact sum, before you begin preparing for a wedding. It helps you stay within limits and does not overrun or pass. Also remember that reasonable or practical budgeting is the important rule and does not end up in a debt or a loan.

If the holiday season is off (usually between August and October) then you can get an off-site discount of 20-25 per cent etc. You can cover portion, mandap or the dining area, for example, if you do not want to open the area, especially if it is during the mountain or rainy season. And, why take a five-star hotel or an estate (a villa or farmhouse) if you have a wide lawn, or if your own neighborhood includes a pool, garden or banquet hall?

When the weather is favourable for the open air functions during the wedding months (usually November-February), you might book an open-air venue that is cheaper than a fully-covered / adjoining hall that has the similar capacity. Naturally, booking a venue months in advance can help you also minimise costs compared to making a last-minute reservation during your entire wedding season.

You may also keep your budget under control by may the numerous pre-marriage festivities. And while you like everything in your own home, particularly as a bride, you can keep them all in a small space with close relatives and friends.

Cards for marriage may now look like something from the past. What is your own web site about your marriage to share information like how you met your husband, the date of your marriage, the venue, etc. Try to build www.squarespace.com or www.mywedding.com for free. You will also take several marriage ideas that you can integrate into your website by making an account on www.pinterest.com, which is called "the catalogue of ideas of the world."

However, if you would want to take the conventional way, try the DIY method by hiring friends and relatives as far as wedding cards are concerned. The card is also selective and can be printed to the other guests by a limited number of cards and email or by SMS or WhatsApp. You may also place an RSVP notice on your card and/or contact your guests prior to the wedding date to see if they are attending. This will help you monitor the number of guests who attend the wedding and schedule things to discourage extra food, etc. This will help you.

You can use his services instead of hiring a specialist who would charge a bomb if you have a friend of a photographer. The other choice may be for the bride and wife to employ an ordinary photographer or videographer. You can also explore digital editorial platforms such as Glossi that allow you to create a free digital wedding magazine.

When it comes to your wedding trousseau, you might think that you are reusing your mother or grandmother's wedding lehenga or saree instead of spraying on something you would wear only once. You can simply get it refurbished or even go for a mix and match option, if you don't like style or design.

There are also websites such as www.swishlist.in that sell marriage ensembles from leading designers such as Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre and others that are rented as low as Rs 10,000! The other choice is in the off season to purchase your wedding trousseau. So you're going to buy the best brand for less.

As far as gemstone is concerned, you can save quite a bit by using a 'layer' option: wearing several light parts instead of a heavy collar that is suitable for heavy dresses, or attaching additional artificial bracelets or long necklaces to your original real gemstone. If you're wearing heavy jewellery, then pick a light trousseau that doesn't cost much. The rental of the jewellery is also available from www.rentjewels.com, www.planyourwedding.co.in or even from a nearby gem that will not charge a lot

Instead of shopping in bits and parts you can also purchase things such as decorations individually or in bulk. You get better designs for less in this way. Since the flowers are part of any marriage, try to stick to flowers of the seasons.

Try to find the best prices and choices before you decide on a seller. For example you can go to a smaller chain which offers almost like a biryani, but much cheaper, instead of using the expensive biryani of your favourite restaurant. In other words, before reducing your choices, you are prepared to explore as many options as possible. Clearly, consistency should be the priority.

Instead of a luxurious affair, you can also keep things down. Therefore invite 100 close friends and family instead of a list of 500 or more guests. Just invite everyone you really care for and who you want your big day to be there.

Finally, brace for any upheaval or predict the unforeseen. If, Heaven forbid, anything works wrong, preferably for such circumstances some money should be saved. For example, whether the wedding cake isn't ready for time or it's uncomfortable for the photographer. In certain cases you will have to budget.

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