Top 10 Wedding Lehenga Ideas for Beautiful Brides-To-Be

Top 10 Wedding Lehenga Ideas for Beautiful Brides-To-Be

When the entire world is going towards minimal wedding trends, Indian marriages are still in the maximalism. Every Indian wedding is about heavy embellishments, ample guests, and one of the most important things, a designer wedding lehenga for the bride. Traditionally, Indian brides prefer to adorn a Red lehenga for weddings, which is obvious too because red denotes Mars (The planet of marriage and love according to Hindu Mythologies).

With the change in time, wedding lehengas are available in different colors, and world-famous designers have created trendy lehenga ideas that every bride can adorn when there is a special celebration for the most important day of life. To grab a grasp on every wedding lehenga for brides, we have found some sumptuous lehenga ideas, that you can embellish for your wedding and spread your elegance to the surroundings.

  • Double Dupatta Wedding Lehenga Outfit

    With the change in time, royal weddings are becoming the choice for every bride, and everyone wants to adore an aristocratic Lehenga. One of the most important parts of the lehenga outfit is the regality and the embellishments that make it a unique outfit for weddings.


    The looks of a bride changes with the style patterns, and a double Dupatta wedding lehenga can be the newest choice for your wedding. A long head veil with a hand Dupatta is the ultimate mark of dignity, which allows a bride to walk like a queen on a very special day.
  • Printed Lehengas for Wedding

    The trend of printed outfits is established and every girl loves to wear a designer lehenga with a blend of astounding prints. The trailblazing printed lehengas give a different vibe to the wearer and allow them to attract everyone with their unique artifacts.

    There is a wide range of printed lehengas in the market, where you can choose hand-blocked, digital prints, or embroidered printed lehenga for your weddings. Even if you want to join a friend’s wedding and are looking for a different garb, printed lehengas will be the best option to go with.

  • Cape Dupatta Styling: A New Vogue

    One of the newest and attractive lehenga styles in trend is Cape Style Dupatta styling, which is famous among several brides. The draping styles can change the sophistication of the wearer, and choosing a different lehenga can look greater than expectations.

    To lend your traditional garb a modish vibe, draping your dupatta in cape style is a perfect choice. Even colors can give you a modish vibe by connecting your outfit with the tradition. Go on a vintage vibe with your bridal lehenga, adorn it in cap style and leave everyone stunned with your glance.

  • White is the New Shine

    The marriage of Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla has created a new sensation with the white lehenga set. All the fashion Bellas are now fascinated towards a white wedding lehenga for brides and created a new fashion statement for the later generations.

    White is not considered the color of celebration in Hindu culture. Although South Indian Culture and some part of the North-east has the mainstay of white wedding lehengas. With the emerging culture, nowadays brides prefer white royal wedding lehenga, which makes them the most charming personality of the ceremonies.

  • Heavy Cancan Lehengas For Wedding

    Can you imagine an Indian bridal lehenga without Cancan stuffing beneath the lehenga? The simple net-stuffing on wedding attire is all about sophistication and heavy embellishment of the net. It does add a fairy tale appearance to the wearer, which all brides expect on their special day.

    Whether it is sangeet, Mehendi, or a D-Day celebration at your wedding, you have the best choice to pair up a Cancan lehenga with different fabrics based on comfort. Go with the heavily embellished wedding lehenga on your wedding day or pair up chiffon-georgette Indian wedding lehenga for usual celebrations, you can make your choice.

  • Organza Crop Top Lehenga for Wedding

    The love for organza fabric has increased which makes brides go with an Organza Lehenga for their weddings. Some weddings are a joy to style, where a blend of ethnic and current vogue gives a perfect vibe to the brides.

    Crop-top lehenga for weddings is becoming popular among brides, which gives a classy and amazing glance at the celebration. The embellishments on the crop-top have made it a perfect garb for wedding ceremonies. Maybe you can experiment with the shades and choose a crop top with astounding embellishments to roll over your special day.

  • Color Blocked Lehengas

    According to expert designers, the monotonous charm of lehengas can be replaced by color-block patterns in wedding ceremonies. Whether you are in love with colors or just plain indecisive, you have ample choices to gleam by pairing color-blocked patterns on the Lehenga set.

    The artistic mixing of colors makes a great lehenga which improves the shine of the bride at the wedding ceremonies. The subtle details, charismatic embroideries, and catchy colors make a perfect wedding lehenga, which won’t let you take your eyes from it.

  • All Love for the Dupatta

    From the past few wedding years, brides are completely ditching the dupatta or pinning them on the blouse for a fuss-free glance. But, wedding season 2021 and the upcoming weddings will again snatch the attention of many brides to be with heavy embellished Dupattas.

    In fact, the shawl draping Dupattas are already in the trend, and brides are experimenting with their looks using different drapes. This simple and elegant style hack is all about protecting the brides from sizzling winters, and being into a charming celebration.

  • Gold Dori Work Wedding Lehenga Design

    Punjabi culture is also acquiring a place in everyone’s heart, where golden suits and Lehenga with Dori works are the popular staples in Indian weddings. Gold color is the epitome of pure love in Punjabi culture, and every bride prefers to wear a golden color lehenga at their weddings.

    Introducing gold in different styles is all about creativity and aristocracy, which gives an elegant vibe to the brides when they choose a royal wedding lehenga with the blend of Gold Dori work. It is the best way to pay homage to the ancient tradition of Punjab by choosing an Indian wedding lehenga for your wedding.

  • Maximalist Wedding Lehenga for Dignified Brides

    The trend of minimal embellishments will never enter the heart of Indian brides, because every bride in India loves to adorn their beauty with so many embellishments, especially on their wedding day.

    The vibrant hues on embellished wedding lehengas are the epitome of regality in weddings. That’s why ruffled sleeves, heavy embellishments, and fashionably blouse back are common wedding lehenga designs for brides.

Winding Up

Indian weddings are like festivals in every family, and brides are incomplete without a proper wedding lehenga. From different styles, you have different wedding lehenga ideas which you can choose to glitter on the very special day of your life.

Zari Jaipur is here for the fashion Bellas, who are looking for astonishing royal wedding lehengas for this wedding season. No matter which color palette is your favorite for a royal wedding celebration, the trendy wedding lehengas will attract your attention for the very first time.

Although it is your wedding, and you don’t want to lose any chance to get into the best glance, you have the liberty to choose any lehenga design for an ambient glance at your wedding celebration.