This Season of Love, Shift to Unstitched suits with Zari Jaipur

This Season of Love, Shift to Unstitched suits with Zari Jaipur

This Season of Love, Shift to Unstitched suits with Zari Jaipur

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    Moments, joy, and traditions are the only things that turn into memories for Indian Families. When it comes to Indian Traditional Outfits, Women are spoilt for choice. They have a wide range of options to choose from sarees to Anarkalis and Kurtis to cholis. Nevertheless, the evergreen salwar kameez remains a woman's go-to attire. Dressed in this versatile outfit, you are ready for any weather, occasion, and age group. In today's world, Indian women have their interpretations of the salwar kameez. Changing fashion has also led to several changes in salwar kameez designs. Dupattas, shawls, and chunnis can be paired with them.

    Unstitched suits are the perfect combination of quality fabrics with intrinsic hues and your custom style. Yes, your style, means you can design it in your way, whether it is a straight kurta or an Anarkali, pairing with pants, salwar, or dhoti style. We have curated alluring designs and patterns of unstitched suits for you:

  • Charm of Chanderi

    Charm of Chanderi

    Chanderi suits are something which every lady must have in their closets as they are conventional and nowadays they are at their peak in popularity. This fabric is one of the well-known handloom clusters since it specializes in fine-textured silk and cotton decorated with zari woven work. The Chanderi fabric's buttis and motifs are largely handwoven using needles on a handloom.

  • Weaves of Banaras

    Weaves of Banaras

    One of the most beautiful aspects of Banarasi suits is their exquisite designs, which set them apart from other textiles and give them a premium feel. These expertly produced designs had been passed down to the Banaras painters, but few were able to preserve them. Being one of the most lovely fabrics, Banarsi fabric comes directly from the heart of Varanasi to the heart of every Indian woman. These Banarasi suits will make stand out from the crowd./p>

  • Prints on Georgette

    Boota print with thread and cutdana on the textured and semi-sheered fabric will make you earn lots of compliments. Georgette fabric always scores high on comfort and beauty. This georgette suit is ready to make you amazed with its light and breathable fabric. At Zari, Jaipur explore our gorgeous georgette unstitched collection and get happiness delivered to your doorstep within a few days!

  • Exquisite Shibori

    In Rajasthan, people engage in shibori, a magnificent coloring procedure or ancient form of tie-dye. unique patterns and motifs on fabrics in vibrant colors. Given that it features intricate patterns like waves, this method was given the name "Wave" in Rajasthani. Shibori is a Leheriya offshoot technique that yields very comparable results.

  • Grace of Silk

    Women's silk suits are among the most stylish and refined ethnic clothing options, reigning supreme above other classic pieces. They can maintain feminine grace while adding a special charm to your demeanor. Silk suits are the top choice for holy and auspicious occasions due to their unmistakable allure, regal texture, and adaptability.

  • At the End

    Style is subjective and not everyone likes everything but if you get to get your outfits customized then what’s better than that? Shop from our beautifully curated collection of unstitched suits and get them tailor-made according to your style and comfort! Explore more from