How to Decide the Colour of Your Wedding Lehenga?

How to Decide the Colour of Your Wedding Lehenga?

Wedding Season, Ahhhh….!! Lots of Fun for cousins, uncles and aunts. But a mess of lots of responsibilities and preparations for few on the other hand. The selection of Outfits for the Bride is one of them. Having so many colour and design options can make it more difficult for you and will take you so much time. If you are a Bride to be or one who is looking for an outfit for the bride then you have come to the right place.

Fabulous Feminine Bride, Susheel and Sanskari Bride, Adventurous Bride, Cheerful and Bold Bride, or the bride who wants lots of attention, we have something for every type of bride.

  • Fabulous Feminine Bride

    If softness and grace are your all-time partner, you have lightness in your step and spirit, if there is a sparkle in your eyes and if there is a gentle tenor in your mood. Then, my girl, you are a perfect fit in the list of Fabulous Feminine Brides. The Beautifully Embellished Feminine Touch Pink Lehenga with Cutdana, Sequins and Thread work will undoubtedly go with your Susheel and Shy personality.

  • The Socialite Bride

    If connecting with lots of people and giggling with them is your favourite moment of the day. If you are the one who loves to spend hours at parties socializing then you are laying into the category of Socialite Bride. Your glittering personality definitely needs something shinier than your D-Day. Don’t Worry we have exactly the same for you, pick this Light Green Soft Net Lehenga with Cutdana, Sequins work without having a second thought.

  • Adventurous Bride

    If something unique is always ordinary to you, if bolder choices every time are your cup of tea, if you love to go beyond the limits then your adventurous personality needs wings of regalness. By keeping all these in mind, showcasing our most beautiful Purple Raw Silk Lehenga with Cutdana, and Zardozi work which will unquestionably reflect your Adventurous Adarsh essence.

  • Sophisticated Sanskari Bride

    Many brides right now going with the trends and ditching Red for their wedding day. But we know some of you still feel that There’s Nothing on Your Wedding Day Without Red. If you still feel wearing red is synonymous to follow the Indian tradition, if sophistication is another name for you, if your cheerful nature of you makes everyone around you positive then our Red Raw Silk Lehenga with Cutdana, Pearl, Sequins, Zardozi work is an exquisite choice for you.

  • "Look At Me" Bride

    “Kaun Hai vo Jisne Pooh Ko Mudke Nahi Dekha” - If Kareena Kapoor Khan’s this dialogue has influenced you a lot. If you are obsessed with your own self every time you look into the mirror but compliments from everyone on every occasion is your only desire, then Darling, all these if and buts are taking us to this Hot Pink Raw Silk Lehenga with Thread, Zardozi work. We know your "Look At Me" personality is looking for this for a long time!!

Zari Jaipur is here to be your shopping partner for your wedding day. Nothing speaks comfort & elegance better than these Zarijaipur’s lehengas collection in your wedding wardrobe. Not just for your wedding we have something for your mehendi, haldi, engagement, cocktail and sangeet also. We are here with the widest range of exclusive ethnic collections.