Everlasting Glance of Leheriya - Watch Our Divas Wearing this

Everlasting Glance of Leheriya - Watch Our Divas Wearing this

Everlasting Glance of Leheriya - Watch Our Divas Wearing this

  • Generally, people always follow celebrities because of their glamour and success. People usually try to look like them by following their dressing style, way of styling, pairing accessories, makeup, and many more. Following your ideals always makes your personality a bit better. Celebrities set trends for themselves while also influencing fashion by donning whatever is popular at the moment. We look to some celebrities as fashion icons since they are reputed to know more about fashion than other celebrities. There are several ways for celebrities to affect fashion. Celebrities set the standards for appropriate attire for various occasions and age groups and frequently advocate particular vogue trends. People dress a specific way because their social media-stalked favorite celebrity is doing the same.

  • Leheriya Suits

    Zari Jaipur is here with a new trend followed by your ideals, that is Leheriya Suits. The charm of Leheriya is in the way the resists are folded and tied before being dyed to produce colors and patterns that are quite beautiful. However, Leheriya sarees and salwar kameez, which are extremely popular among women worldwide, are their most well-known clothing items.

  • Leheriya is a tie-resist technique used to produce zigzag or diagonal stripes on rolled, tied, and colored fabrics. The pattern is known as Leheriya because it resembles the leher, a symbol of rain and abundance that is also significant in the region's scorching environment.

  • Priyanka Chopra

    Now, pay attention to our Former Miss World wearing an astonishing Leheriya lehenga during her Mehendi celebration at her wedding. Carrying a perfect diva look, Who doesn’t want to follow Priyanka Chopra’s stylish footprints?

  • Shilpa Shetty

    Every woman wants to look flexible and become a fitness enthusiast like Shilpa Shetty. She looks gorgeous in every attire she wears and seizes the audience's eyes. In traditional puja, she thrilled the crowd in a stunning Leheriya striped saree with beautiful silver oxidized earrings.

  • Kareena Kapoor

    You never wondered how elegant women should look in the Leheriya sarees and suits. Gorgeous Kareena Kapoor wore the beautiful yellow Leheriya Saree at her brother’s wedding. The yellow color is fabulous attire for Haldi and wedding ceremonies.

  • Anushka Sharma

    B town diva Anushka Sharma has fascinated the crowd with a stunning Leheriya Suit and embroidered dupatta. Undoubtedly, she looks desi and jazz in every attire she wears, and Indians follow her footsteps.

  • Kiara Advani

    Who doesn’t want to look like a young Bollywood sensation Kiara Advani? A strappy indigo blouse with an embedded embroidered lehenga enhances her glaze. It's the gorgeous attire for Mehendi or wedding ceremonies.

  • Social media is trending and people are diligent about it. Unique styles and fashion trends are widespread in every medium and people invigorate by seeing them. Traditional, ethnic, fast fashion, and party wear, every attire worn by celebrities gravitates on social media.

  • At the End

    Leheriya collections are stunning, elegant, subtle, and chic that can be worn anywhere and at any function. For weddings, mehndi, Haldi, engagement, traditional puja, or home ceremonies, Leheriya is a perfect choice. Zari Jaipur has a fascinating collection of Leheriya saree, suits, and lehengas. If you want to buy fabulous, all-time occasions garbs, then, Zari Jaipur will never dishearten you.