Designer Wedding Sarees: The Garb Which Reflects the Ethnicity of India

Designer Wedding Sarees: The Garb Which Reflects the Ethnicity of India

Weddings are at the peak in India, and more than twenty thousand couples are tying the bond of love to each other. An Indian wedding is itself a festival in a family, where brides and bridesmaids want to gleam the surroundings with their looks. Designer wedding sarees are the perfect outfit, which gives a perfect glance to the wearer for a sparkling personality. Whether it is your marriage, or you are attending a friend’s one, believe me, my girl, you will love something that will embellish you with the best sarees for weddings.

Heavy sarees for weddings give a charming personality to the wearer. If you are among those beauty Bellas, who want something alluring and ethnic to sparkle in a wedding celebration, this article is all there for you to help you find out different designer wedding sarees, which you can take. A timeless ethnic piece of garb, ample sarees are available online which you can drape with the innovative vogue and set a new example of ethnic fashion.

Different Types of Sarees to Drape Around your Body

Saree draping style changes from state to state, where Nauvari style is famous in Maharashtra, Seedha Pallu in Gujarat, Bengali style in West Bengal, and Lehenga style saree all over India. You can drape marvelous heavy sarees for weddings and create a style statement for the celebrations. The next wedding you will attend must go with a style-packed event where you can flaunt your looks with the cultural garbs.

  • Banarasi Silk Sarees From the Ethnic City: Varanasi

    When you want to adorn your beauty with regality, the Banarasi Silk saree for weddings is the top choice of every woman. All from the ancient crafts, these sarees are famous for their motifs and quirky patterns.

    Initially, Banarasi Sarees were made for royal affairs only with the gold-silver threads. Every pattern was made using expensive threads, which was only affordable by the dignified families of the ancient time. But with the emerging fashion, many variations are made on the Banarasi Silk sarees, and the elegance is still the same.

    You can buy Banarasi Silk sarees for a wedding celebration and put an aristocratic charm on your personality. You can drape this astounding saree in different styles to gleam the marriage with an amazing glance.

  • Kanjeevaram Saree from the Land Of Temples: Tamil Nadu

    Rich silk, Vivacious colors, and a regal affair gives Kanjeevaram Saree an ornating Aura. Kanjeevaram Sarees are the epitome of the ethnic Tamil Nadu, which is an amazing wedding attire for all celebrations. These sarees are woven from the Silk made from pure mulberry and have an intrinsic glance to the wearer.

    All Kanjeevaram sarees contain a golden tint as their signature style, which made fashion divas choose the genuine Kanjeevaram Sarees. The mythological tales are reflected on this dignified outfit to make it a reliable wedding attire for brides and bridesmaids. To be in a ritual aura in every celebration, embellishing golden jewelry enhances the regality of Kanjeevaram Sarees for weddings.

  • Nauvari Sarees from the Land of Saints: Maharashtra

    The origin of Nauvari Sarees is the west coast of the Indian subcontinent, which is now a famous wedding attire in almost every state. The name Nauvari denotes the length of this saree that is nine yards and draped in a quirky style with a Peshwai Nath for a cultural affair in weddings.

    The style is a mark of Valor, which Maratha women have invented during the periods of war. This style helped them to ride the horse, and fight using their swords and shield. Over time, the Nauvrai style became the attire for marriages and cultural festivals, which is now adorned by many women in India.

To Sum UP

Sarees for weddings are the utmost attire for ladies out there. If you want to get the best designer wedding sarees, Zari Jaipur is the perfect platform to complete your vogue in the upcoming wedding season.

Nowadays, sarees are the best attire to gleam the celebrations and different draping styles are the additional embellishments to give an ethnic glamor. No matter which style you choose, designer sarees for weddings will be there to upgrade your personality.