Bandhani or Bandhej is a well-known and widely celebrated Indian craft form that is another form of tie and dye which is transcended on the fabric. It is in a circular pattern and usually a tedious but rewarding task. Even though not many people know how to perform this art, yet just watching someone do it is quite meditative and exhilarating to watch. Many artists even use natural dyes from various plants and vegetables. Depending on the kind of fabric and the dyes are used, the pattern on the fabric stays for centuries making it apt for the heirloom.

Bandhani is quite famous in the vibrant states of Rajasthan and Gujarat and artists in these states have been creating Bandhani apparel for centuries now. Infact, the artists who are supremely skilled actually got the skills passed down from a whole line of ancestry. It is one of the oldest and most eccentric forms of crafts. Earlier, only royals wore anything made from Bandhani because of the sheen and the uniqueness attached to it but now it’s available for everyone to wear. Though, in order to get the best experience through the art of Bandhani while wearing a saree, we’d highly recommend for you purchase some authentically crafted sarees of luxurious and pure fabric and created by skilled and most loved artisans.

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  • Starting from this unreal and beautiful Bandhani saree with an extraordinary handmade zari border. The golden Zari border adds to the beauty of this saree and goes quite well with the color palette of this saree. Perfect to wear on any special occasion, this saree will definitely be a conversation starter wherever you wear it. The addition of pastel green on the surreal sky blue makes this saree a perfect choice for an occasion you have been eagerly waiting to attend.

  • Next from our list of favorites is this stunning saree that is beyond beautiful due to the impeccable and extraordinary details done with the artwork of Bandhani and Zari. These two crafts combined on this luxurious satin fabric have created a piece of artifact in the form of this saree. The pretty shades of pink and tangerine just add to the uniqueness and vibrancy of this saree. It surely gives festive feels.

  • If the vibrant and pastel shades in the saree are not your choice and you want to make a statement then this beautiful and stunning black saree is a perfect fit for you. The intricate details on this saree using the age-old craft of bandhani and zari on the breathable georgette fabric. The sheen which Zari’s work lends to this saree gives a regal feel to it. This saree is an exceptional piece of elegant apparel and is definitely appropriate to be adorned on a special occasion.

  • If a saree was synonymous with perfection then this would be it. The color combination, the intricate artwork of Zari, and the beauty of Bandandi, all of it lie in this saree which is an epitome of grace. Perfect to be adorned on any special occasion, such as your own Mehendi function because of its impeccably chosen colors, that is, pastel green and blue which are so soothing to the eye.

  • An utterly beautiful bandhani saree in this vibrant shade is a perfect choice for anyone who is newly married or is looking forward to getting married. This color is the color of bridal beauty and the addition of this to the bridal trousseau is just beyond perfect. The details and the handwork on this saree are exceptional and so beautiful to even look at. On top of its beauty, it’s highly comfortable and the material is extremely breathable making it a perfect fit for the summers.

  • These are just a few of the sarees from our extensive range of beautiful bandhani sarees which are exquisitely designed to perfection and are a labor of love. Check out anything related to ethnic wear your heart desires and elevate your wardrobe for all the upcoming weddings, festivities, and celebrations.