10 Must-Have Wedding Saree Trends for the Upcoming Season

10 Must-Have Wedding Saree Trends for the Upcoming Season

10 Must-Have Wedding Saree Trends for the Upcoming Season

  • The bride's most important event is her wedding, and the selection of a bridal saree holds equal importance. It serves as both her fashion statement and her connection to her new family. The collection of sarees will capture her essence and become her legacy.

    If you are planning a wedding soon, it is essential to have a collection that includes both contemporary and traditional sarees. A saree represents a woman's legacy and is her most treasured possession. Sarees are a cultural tradition that is passed down from mother to daughter. As Indians, we wholeheartedly embrace the experience of shopping for weddings. When searching for wedding sarees to wear after marriage, remember that you are embracing tradition and history through your attire selection. Discover the latest trends of the season now.

  • Blushing in Sindoori Red

    A wedding without the colour red is simply unimaginable. It is an integral part of our cultural heritage and holds immense significance. Red symbolises love, passion, and new beginnings, making it an absolute must for any wedding. Every bride should be able to feel the unique emotion that only a crimson colour may evoke. Sindoori Red has become a well-liked option among brides recently, giving traditional clothing a dash of modern flair.

  • Delicate Organza Sarees

    Organza sarees are known for their airy and breathable nature. A combination of floral motif and pastel colour adds glamour and regality to your style. They are also available in intricate beadwork or gota patti, which are also light. Made from a lightweight fabric, they drape beautifully and allow for easy movement. Whether you're attending a wedding or a festive celebration, an organza saree will keep you feeling cool and confident throughout the event.

  • Auspicious Gharchola Sarees

    The checkered pattern made of Zari is an iconic characteristic of Gharchola sarees. The fabric can vary as per the occasion, but they are a must for a Rajasthani or Gujarati wedding. Nowadays, Gharchola sarees are made on Gazi silk. These sarees are patterned with 9, 12, and 52 squares. Each square is further decorated with intricate designs and Bandhej. Generally available in the auspicious colours of red and green. This can be a good choice for a festive saree.

  • Flare of Ruffle Sarees

    Ruffled sarees are a new addition to the set of sarees. If you want to shake a leg and show some flare, a ruffle saree is a must. Ruffle sarees have ruffled edges, which add flare to your outfit. Mostly, these are pre draped sarees. If you want to avoid the hassle of plating the saree, you can opt for these.

    We at Zari Jaipur have come up with a unique combination of traditional and trendy. You can find ruffle sarees in Bandhej and Mothda designs for your saree collection.

  • Regal Tissue Silk

    Tissue silk is a good option for brides who are working. Tissue silk sarees are elegant and give an authoritative vibe to your personality. These are best to wear for a formal, festive occasion. You can find silk sarees for every occasion at Zari Jaipur. Take the world by storm with a tissue silk saree.

  • Heritage of Georgette Sarees

    Georgette is the base fabric of many traditional works like Bandhej , Mothda, and Laheriya. Generally available with intrinsic light weight work, whether it is Gotta Patti, thread work, or pearl sequin work. Georgette saree with Zari work or a leheriya georgette saree will take the look to new height. These are best for a regal look.

  • Sophisticated Pastel Colours

    Pastel colours like lilac, grey, baby pink, and honeydew are also trending this wedding season. Light colours will help you beat the scorching heat in the summer. Pastel colours come in a variety of fabrics and work. Shine brighter than diamond in pastel colours and add that glitz and glamour with intricate and light sequin work.

  • Classic Banarasi Sarees

    Banarasi sarees are timeless. The new addition is a combination of banarasi with georgette and organza. But the wedding collection should have some classics like Banarasi and Kanjivarams. A hand weaved Banarasi silk saree is a must to have in your wardrobe

  • Vibrant Bandhej Sarees

    Shades of red, orange,yellow, green, or pink whether bright or pastel, work best for auspicious occasions like weddings. These shades in traditional patterns like Bandhej, Mothda, or Leheriya are a must for a wedding collection. A bandhej saree is considered auspicious for festivity. A leheriya bandhej saree will add more layers to your day and make it a little brighter.

  • Majestic Handloom Sarees

    Handloom sarees, whether they are silk or cotton, add grace and elegance to your style. India has always been famous for handloom, whether it is a handloom cotton saree or a Kanjeevaram saree. A very good option for working women. A Handloom tussar silk saree will uplift your Boss lady look.

  • At the end, Weddings are Celebrations

    Celebrate weddings, our culture, and our heritage with Zari Jaipur. Collect for your future generation. Live your royal ethnic fantasy. We at Zari Jaipur, provide plenty of options for saree to choose from for every occasion.

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